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NASA Quadrapus Control System
- Collaborated with a team to create a control system inspired by the octopus' distributed brain, with each tentacle acting autonomously until commanded by a central brain to act as one. Commended for a unique approach, modularity, and scalability.
Email System
- Independently developed and hosted a personal email system to gain a deeper understanding of system architecture.
Crime Data Analysis
- Compiled information from various datasets and used Python with Pandas and Matplotlib to determine factors associated with crime and how best to tackle systemic problems.
Personal Website
- Designed and maintained a personal website containing updated information about me and detailed project descriptions.
- Designed, constructed, and implemented a system to automate the attendance process, exploiting the barcodes on the IDs at MVCTC. Integrated AI to generate natural-language reports which comment on patterns within attendance, bathroom breaks, etc.
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